California “It’s a melancholy song with a hopeful twist allowing the listener to dance along,” she says. “I want my fans to relate and connect with the stories I’m sharing. I hope they resonate with California and each song to come as I share a little piece of my heart
with each of you.”
Katy is working on releasing her debut album later this year, but she says fans can expect at least one more single before then. 
“The album is kind of a love letter to the old me; I see you, I see your pain, I’m letting you go now, I’m okay now.”

Release Date June 18th 2021
Written by: Katy Topham & Carrie DeMaeyer
Produced by: Rick Hutt, CedarTree Recording Studio
Video: One2One Photography and Media

Haven’t Done That In A While is Katy’s fourth single release, at face value the song is about recovering yourself after a breakup… but at it’s core, the song encourages the listener to find happiness in the little things – like a smile – after a time of struggle.
Will be available soon wherever you buy or stream music! Stay Tuned!
Release Date February 12 2021
Written by: Katy Topham & Jessie T
Produced by: Rick Hutt, CedarTree Recording Studio
Arrangement by: Jamie Warren

Put You Out – Written by Katy Topham, Jamie Warren & Carrie DeMaeyer
“Put You Out” is Katy’s third single release working toward an album release in 2021. This contemporary country track tells a story of someone who is done with being lied to and ready to extinguish the relationship. Release date October 23 2020

Tired – Written by Katy Topham and Carrie DeMaeyer
“Tired” is Katy’s second single release. This laid-back yet intense tune is one that often catches audience attention; an emotional and to the point anthem that describes the feeling of being past the point of angry or hurt and guaranteed to catch your attention.

I Just Don’t Feel Like Lovin’ You – Written by Katy Topham, Jamie Warren &
Duane Steele
“I Just Don’t Feel Like Lovin’ You”, is Katy Topham’s debut single. This contemporary smooth country track focuses on the natural ebb and flow that makes all relationships stronger – that give and take we all experience. Download or stream today! Thank you to JET Enterprises for creating this video. Thank you to FACTOR (Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings)with support from Canada’s private radio broadcasters. This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

Tired – Written by Katy Topham & Carrie DeMaeyer

I Feel Bad – Written by Katy Topham & Jamie Warren