“Put You Out”
Released October 23, 2020

“Put You Out” is Katy’s third single release working toward an album release in 2021. This contemporary country track tells a story of someone who is done with being lied to and ready to extinguish the relationship.

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Released June 20, 2020

“Tired” is Katy’s second single release. This laid-back yet intense tune is one that often catches audience attention; an emotional and to the point anthem that describes the feeling of being past the point of angry or hurt and guaranteed to catch your attention.
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“I Just Don’t Feel Like Lovin’ You”
Released January 17, 2020

“I Just Don’t Feel Like Lovin’ You”, is Katy Topham’s debut single. This contemporary smooth country track focuses on the natural ebb and flow that makes all relationships stronger – that give and take we all experience. Download or stream today!